Conferentie 2012

“Well organized and high-quality of speakers;  
I felt it was very successful and worthwhile to grow QRM.”
Bill Ritchie
Customer Chain Consulting, USA


“The first European QRM Conference was an absolute success. The international attendance at the conference showed how widespread QRM has become. It showed us new ways for our continuous improvements and inspired us and many other participants to further improve our leadtimes.”
Godfried Kaanen
Bosch Scharnieren, The Netherlands

“… a very well organized and successful
inaugural conference. Please let the participants
know that we welcome any follow-up questions
(or visits to our facility) that they may find helpful.”

Scott E. Fredrick
Phoenix Products Company Inc., USA  

“The 11th International Conference on QRM was a very inspiring and energizing experience for me. Top level cases were presented by top speakers from over the globe and the networking activities allowed me to share experiences with the thought leaders in the field and the  most advanced practitioners.”
Pascal Polet
Sirris, Belgium   

“I think all attendees found the conference very rewarding from a technical content point of view.”
Ananth Krishnamurthy
University of Wisconsin, USA  

“The quality of the sessions, the level of discussion in the sessions, the networking was all great.  It was also good to talk with others about our local projects and get some implementation tips. ”
Mike Barton
Marel, USA  

“It has been one of the most productive weeks in my professional life. I met very interesting people, learned a lot about the QRM system and we all had a great time thanks to a perfect organization. Insuperable!”
Sergi Mussons
Àurea Productiva, Spain 

“We, too, learned a lot and greatly enjoyed the opportunity and connections. The conference was very well done.”
Meg Roman
Joy Global, Inc., USA